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Current version: 1.3.1b

Can below statements describe you?

You have a number of personal online accounts, and at least one of statements below is / are correct:
  • You use one / few password(s) for these accounts
  • Your password(s) contain(s) only alphabet / digit
  • Your password(s) is / are dictionary words
  • Your password(s) is / are somthing around you
  • You store your password(s) somewhere outside your brain, including:
    • A notepad
    • A piece of paper in your wallet / pocket
    • A notepaper on your desk / somewhere you can see
    • Inside your computer (no matter in what way, in short your computer can recall it)
  • You have ever forgotten your password(s)
  • Your password(s) have ever been stolen
  • You have ever became a victim of phishing
  • Your worry about above issues
If one / some / all of these statement(s) decribe(s) you, you may want to try UniPas, an unique password generator.

What is UniPas?

It is a password generator that is developed with considerate mind. With UniPas, what you have to remember is your master password. Password are generated according to inputted domain name and character range selected. You can copy generated password by performing drag and drop between UniPas window and destining password field.

Is it really secure?

UniPas tries the best to protect users' identity, including following measures:
  • Every UniPas executable is unique, which means its generated passwords are unique.
  • Genuine UniPas applications and installers will never communicate with the Internet or store your identity information*.
  • Passwords are generated by inputted domain, means that input fraud sites from different domain will generate different password.
  • Generated password can be copied by drag and drop, theoretically only windows the cursor is in have chance to read dragging data.
  • You may click the icon and then destining password field to let UniPas to type the password directly for you#@.
  • You may also copy generated password to clipboard by double clicking on the icon, but the copied passowrd will be cleared after 10 seconds#.
  • If your UniPas application is unfortunately stolen by others, the application will erase itself after 5 continus failure of inputting correct master password.
  • With UniPas supported website, your password will be used only once^.

And much more measures to be added in the future.

Still don't you trust this project? Take a look at its repository, all codes of UniPas are in there and you can check if there is any malicious codes. Of course if you can write codes and have any idea to improve these code you are welcomed to join this project.

So where can I get a copy?

You may obtain newest copy for your system at this page.

Still hesitating?

Just get a copy and you will find it trustworthy.

*: Except optional logged in domain information for UniPas applications and user data file backups in offline installation which can be deleted right after installation.

#: It is a measure in case of drag and drop cannot be performed. It is recommended to use drag and drop rather than this method.

^: This feature is not completed and to be developed soon.

@: Unavailable for non-NT Windows systems (98, ME).

UniPas does not support Windows 95 and earlier versions.

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